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Find out what you can do to achieve a more reliable retirement outcome than most traditional growth-based financial strategies can offer.

At the Retirement Income Show, we

  1. Stable RENEWABLE streams of income in retirement are possible…REALLY.

  2. Wall Street’s traditional investment advice is helpful in the accumulation stage and DANGEROUS in the distribution stage…REALLY.

  3. Variable Annuities can be HELPFUL in the accumulation stage but detrimental in the distribution stage…REALLY.

  4. The old wisdom learned from the Great Depression era of protecting your principal and living off your interest and dividends is more relevant now than ever…REALLY.

  5. The brokerage industry's addiction to Mutual Funds is the classic story when “good” is the enemy of “best”…REALLY.


About the

David Stearns

Host,President Stearns Retirement Group,Investment Advisor Representative

David is the founder of Stearns Retirement Group. He has specialized in the particular needs of retirees and those approaching retirement for over 20 years. David’s approach to freedom and greater safety in retirement is both refreshing and realistic. He understands the anxieties that many are facing when they consider preserving and distributing their retirement funds.

David takes the guesswork out of the financial picture and provides real numbers with real solutions to help preserve funds for the long term. Often the greatest fear for those in retirement is outliving one’s hard-earned funds, but David uses his experience and training to assist his clients in mapping out their future in an attempt to alleviate the financial stress and uncertainty that retirement brings.

David Stearns

David Stearns

Host, President Stearns Retirement Group, Investment Advisor Representative